number 17

Before turning forty I created a list of things to accomplish during the upcoming year. It was my Forty for 40 list.  Some were grand [run a marathon] while others simply had been never been checked off my to-do list [new washer + dryer]…for years. Well, here I am, nearly two months into my forty-first year having not completed the list.  I’d say, “Sometimes life gets in the way…” but that’s only half true.  Number 17 on the list of 40 is to create a blog.  The anxiety over coming up with a name was stifling. Until last night.  Dinner with our good friends Nanette and Todd, ginormous margaritas, quick brainstorming and thirty minutes later…A NAME!  Pretty sure I owe Nanette and Todd a bottle of wine for their help; or better yet, a bottle of tequila.  Took advantage of the Seattle monsoon this morning, skipped my race, and threw this together. While I’m not totally thrilled with its aesthetics, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve put off number 17 for far too long.  It’s time to simply dive it. 
So, ready or not, here I go! 

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