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barbacoa beef brisket tacos

Have a confession. I don’t really get Pinterest. Well, actually I get it…it’s a virtual bulletin board but I don’t get most pinners. It seems like people just repost things others have already pinned so when opening Pinterest and seeing … Continue reading

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san francisco {part one}

I recently spent some time in the Bay Area {Napa and San Francisco}. It was a great get-away, visiting a lot of friends and family. Wound up not taking a lot of photos in Napa but because I’m currently obsessed … Continue reading

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rising from hell on earth…the most beautiful love story

Given the fact that I am incredibly sentimental it will seem odd to my friends to hear me say I am not a big Valentine’s Day person. I’m all for romance, don’t get me wrong but, in the words of … Continue reading

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lululemon down jacket {find of the day}

A few years ago I decided that down jackets weren’t so god awful anymore. Probably because they were starting to be cut in a more flattering way. So they started becoming fashionable and less Michelin Man-ish. This winter, this Lululemon … Continue reading

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while the city slept {feb 4 sunrise}

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topography reimagined

I’ve always been amazed by the incredible beauty of land, especially as observed from high above. There is something magical about how topography and natural wonders transfix into stunning patchworks of art. On the way back from New York I … Continue reading

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