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calamari salad

I love this salad both warm and chilled.  When serving it warm, it’s great with some chewy bread to soak up the dressing.  Fast, easy and relatively inexpensive.  You can make the salad with all roma tomatoes but I like … Continue reading

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goodbye chaotic drawers

Okay, time to fess up.  I’m infatuated with The Container Store.  Going for a few items will turn into an afternoon of aisle wandering finding little things and asking myself “what can I use these for?”  On my Monday girl’s … Continue reading

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the gift of friendship

I used to love the holidays.  The decorating, the deep thought about who to get presents for and what those items should be, the meticulous planning of holiday dinners and parties.  Then a few years ago, I lost my love for … Continue reading

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wired pup

I should have known that Murphy’s Law would rear its head last week when all the Christmas prep was finished.  Or maybe the ‘whip cream sneaking’ a few days earlier should have been a clue something was amiss with our pup.  But in … Continue reading

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‘classic’ wreath

My very lovely and creative friend SuLee made this wreath recently.  It was so pretty I was inspired to make one too.  I just hope Margaret Mitchell finds it flattering that her classic romance novel Gone with the Wind, one … Continue reading

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wrapping frenzy

I am not a born shopper, which I know will surprise a lot of people – but it’s true.  During this time of the year especially, avoiding the mall like the plague is my specialty.  What did we do before … Continue reading

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on the first day of Christmas…

my true love gave to me…a wonderful cup of hot cocoa!  At least I think that’s what Riley is saying. In September, our sweet four-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called immune-mediated arthritis which causes fluid buildup … Continue reading

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number 17

Before turning forty I created a list of things to accomplish during the upcoming year. It was my Forty for 40 list.  Some were grand [run a marathon] while others simply had been never been checked off my to-do list … Continue reading

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