gelato e sorbetto

Store bought gelatos and sorbettos have left me disappointed until I discovered Talenti last year.  To be fair, it is impossible to mass produce gelato and sorbetto and have it retain that fresh-made decadent creaminess.  But Talenti comes close, using natural and fresh ingredients.  As someone who only drinks organic milk, I also like that they use milk free of growth hormones

Our top three favorite gelatos, in order, are Sicilian pistachio, Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Toasted Almond.  The sorbetto flavors can be a little strong which is why they are usually paired in our house with a milder gelato.  But we like Roman Raspberry and Lisbon Lemon -both, by the way, taste great with Prosecco!  Just scoop a small amount out with a melon baller, drop into a flute and fill with Prosecco.  It’s an easy, pretty and festive cocktail.  

In the PNW, Talenti can be found at Whole Foods, QFC, Albertsons and Target.  Flavors vary by retailer, so if anyone spots the Malaysian Mango or Blood Orange sorbettos, let me know.  Those are the flavors for which I’m currently on the hunt!


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  1. Jules says:

    We discovered Talenti recently and have been overjoyed — Roman Raspberry was akin to eating cold melted berries and the mint chocolate chip one delightful. I also like the screw on lids and am thinking of reusing the containers…

    But it does make me consider buying an ice cream maker so that I can create my own… Talenti is lucky
    Our Brooklyn apartment is relatively small — so no extra devices have space now!

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