meatless mondays . #2 {smoky tomato soup}

It’s been colder than usual here in Seattle with intermittent flurries of snow.  So what could be better than a warm bowl of soup?  I won’t lie.  Our normal tomato soup nights are the result of opening a can of Campbells.  But I found this recipe for Smoky Tomato Soup w/Gruyère Toasts on the Food & Wine website and thought, “Can you really make a rich tomato soup in 40 mins with just tomatoes, ½ cup of water and ¼ cup of cream?”  Sure enough, you can!  And even better, because I had everything else, the only ingredients that needed purchasing were the tomatoes, baguette and cheese.  Dinner for two for $12!  Because it’s winter, added a little sugar to the soup to cut the acidity of the tomatoes.  Starter?  Simple spinach, red onion and blue cheese salad with a garlic vinaigrette.  Delish.  Sated, warm and watching a little football.  This Meatless Monday thing isn’t so bad. 


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