hello, vince!

If you are like me and avoid the mall like the plague, then you sometimes miss things, like Vince has come to Bellevue Square, one of only 25 retails stores in the country.  Okay, so it opened in November and I am just finding out now.  I am still excited…and if you know me, I rarely get excited about shopping.  So let me tell you why.
I live in sweaters.  I collect them like people collect antiques.  Actually, I hoard them.  Seriously.  When I find one I love, I’ll buy another and store it away for the sad day when the current one is too thread-bare to be used as more than a house coat.  The designer of 95% of my sweaters? Vince.   Fell in love with this contemporary LA-based fashion house in 2005…and fell hard.  Their modern styling of wardrobe staples coupled with excellent construction quality makes them my go-to-sweater designer.  And don’t get me started on their fabrics…who doesn’t love cashmere?  Currently I’m cuddling during this dreary Seattle weather in their cashmere wool and alpaca sweater coat.  Clearly I am fanatical about Vince’s sweaters but am also a fan of their leggings.  Thickly knit and sometimes detailed, they are the only ones I wear.   Check Vince out.  You just may become a hoarder too.

photo courtesy of vince



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