what to eat {clementines}

Bright orange, small, yummy.  Clementines are a popular citrus in our house during winter.  Not only are they delicious, they’re so easy to peel and usually seed-free,  making them great option for a quick, healthy snack.  A cross between a orange and mandarin, said to have first been grown in Algeria, they have a slight honey taste and are a source of vitamin c and fiber.  I’ve used them as table centerpieces, kitchen counter decor and as a cooking ingredient.  The only thing I haven’t used them in, shockingly, is cocktails.  They would be great for so many drinks!  I’m envisioning a clementine old fashioned right now.   While I muddle that around for a bit, here are some recent dishes we’ve enjoyed [click on the photos for the recipes] after entering ‘clementines’ in the Bon Appétit website.  But hurry – their season is nearing its end in February.  But luckily you can still find California-grown ones here in the Northwest until then.

roasted olives, clementines, rosemary + chiles

chicken paillard w/clementine salsa

clementine posset {pudding}


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1 Response to what to eat {clementines}

  1. So, I was a little behind on your blog and just read through the last week or so of pics, eats and styles. You kind of make me sick…in a good way. As in, “DAMN, I should be doing more with my day, and looking a little better while I do it!” Love, love, LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing your talents and finds with us! I’ll probably still eat canned soup while rocking my maternity sweats, but maybe a little bit of you will rub off on me. We can only hope! 🙂

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