Confession: I am not a breakfast person unless it’s the weekend.  Until I started running I rarely ate it during the week.  Not for the lack of time but simply because I never feel hungry in the morning.  But it’s true that breakfast is important.  It gets you fueled up, revs your metabolism after resting all night and provides important nurtition.  Weekday mornings for me have to be quick, no-fuss meals: protein shakes, simple eggs…granola, yogurt and fruit!  We eat a lot of granola.  Well, let me restate – Goldfarb eats a lot of granola; I eat my fair share. So there is always some in the pantry.  And I’m pretty sure we’ve tried every kind that Met Market and Whole Foods carry in order to find one we like; not too hard, not too syrupy sweet, not consisting of massive chunks.  For me, there is nothing more gross than super sweet in the morning and nothing more unpleasant than eating something that sounds like your chewing gravel, so the search for the perfect granola was about to result in homemade…until I discovered Tall Grass Bakery from the Ballard Farmer’s Market.  Love it.  The perfect blend of everything we like with just the right amount of sweet.  It’s not hard nor is it soft…it’s the right balance.  My favorites are Fruit + Seed and Raisin Pecan.  It’s great alone or in a yogurt parfait with Greek Gods Honey Yogurt.  If you have not tried this yogurt yet, you must.  If Goldfarb, hater of yogurt likes it, you will too.  It’s kissed with honey so it retains its wonderful tangy flavor without being overun by sweet.  A little fresh fruit, squeeze of citrus…simple yet satisfying breakfast. 

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