meatless mondays . #5 {miso vegetables & tofu}

Another great recipe from 101 Cookbooks: Miso Vegetables and Tofu.  Heidi Swanson’s recipe is meant to be eaten at room temperature; I adapted it become a hot meal and tweaked the sauce with two minor additions.   Here’s how:  To the miso sauce I added 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice for a little acidity and 3 dashes of sesame oil just because I like the flavor.  While the sauce was simmering, 8 oz. of tofu was patted dry with paper towels, cut into bite-sized pieces and roasted in the oven at 450° for 6 minutes…until they started to turn a beautiful golden brown.  The vegetables {asparagus, broccoli and green beans} were blanched and drained – but not rinsed – just returned to the pot off the heat.  Added just enough of the miso sauce to coat the vegetables.  Stirred gently with a spatula and then added the roasted tofu.  It was perfect with brown rice.  Tofu gets a bad rap.  We like it.  Although I’ll admit I was a little worried because usually I stir fry it with whatever is being made so it absorbs the flavor of the sauce, meat, veggies, etc.  And I’ve never roasted it before.  But tonight, the unseasoned pieces went straight into the oven and came out great.  The result was a nice firm ‘crust’ on the tofu which was surprising because the pieces were not flipped, although I did roast them on a silpat.  This dish had great texture and flavor.  I was able to use up all the ‘remnant’ vegetables in my fridge and best of all?  Good protein, low calorie and very inexpensive.
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