valentine’s day {sweets}

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although it’s not a big deal in our house I do have some ideas for sweet gifts.   I’ve never been a big chocolate candy/truffle person.  As many people know, I’m not really high on any sweets.  In fact, my idea of the perfect dessert is cheese.  Seriously, Goldfarb could give me a wedge of camembert or pungent stilton for Valentine’s Day and I’d be in heaven.  No crackers needed.
Despite my love for savory things there are a few sweet creations from three local Seattle places I enjoy.  They are something different from candy and they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Hands down, my favorite doughnuts are from Top Pot.  They are never heavy or overly sugary.  I love buying their Pink Feather Boa doughnuts for my friend’s kids.  They are delightful little old-fashioned cake doughnuts slathered with a light raspberry-flavored frosting and then dusted  with coconut shavings.   They are $1.86 each and wonderful with a cup of coffee.


If you haven’t had the Dahlia Bakery’s Chocolate Truffle Cookie…what are you waiting for?!  It is to die-for.  Really.  The cookie has a lovely thin crunch on the outside and is soft and a little creamy inside.  Okay, they are $2.50 each.  I’m not going to lie…that’s a lot for a cookie.  But it’s worth the splurge.


My all-time favorite cupcake ever is red velvet and no one makes them better than Sugar Rush Baking Company in West Seattle.  You can trust me on this one…for a party a while back I conducted a taste test of all the red velvet cupcakes in the Seattle area.  Hands down Sugar Rush was the best.  In every aspect.  The deep reddish-brown cake is so moist, it doesn’t crumble all over, and has a nice, light, natural chocolate flavor.  And the icing? Ooh baby.  The sour cream frosting isn’t too tangy or rich.  It is light and all kinds of yummy.  They make minis and giants but the original size cupcake, which is $3.25, is just the right size for one person.  Now before I eat all these little goodies I’d best go package them up for Goldfarb to take to work tomorrow.  To be quickly followed by a trip to the gym to work off the one cupcake I did sneak.
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