weekend review {sunday}

After a busy week getting ready for the JDRF Gala followed by a full Saturday and the event that night, Sunday was a day of rest.  That also meant no cooking.  We had reservations at Ethan Stowell’s Tavolata for their March Sunday Feast: whole goat.  I had only had goat a couple of times before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Must admit…was a little nervous.  I love all kinds of meat but nothing that is too gamey.  Sat down at their beautiful communal table and was preparing myself for anything – with a nice glass of Prosecco.  The young couple across from us said they were having a goat weekend – that the night before they’d had goat stew at a La Doña in White Center.  Now these people were hard-core goat fans!  With them across from us, Angela and Ethan at the end of the table and Chef  Brandon Kirksey at the helm, I started to relax. 


Dinner was great.  Twenty-seven people, two goats, three sides per every four people and dessert.  That, my friends, is indeed a feast.  The goat was simply prepared – perfectly seasoned, roasted with a salsa verde sauce – which enabled the diners to fully experience the difference in meat taste from the various parts of the goat. My favorites: the belly and the skin, which was a crispy delight.  They do one  Sunday Feast per month with a lot of interesting ones coming up this year – check out their line up.  I’m looking forward to June’s Prime Rib and September’s Suckling Pig!  You know you want to join me.
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  1. Jules says:

    Growing up — my Nigerian friends had goat for various occasions. It was always amazing — and I never knew why it wasn’t a staple like cow or sheep. And no, I am not kid-ding. (Doh – bad pun, I need to sleep!)

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