meatless mondays . #11 {orecchiette w/rapini + goat cheese}

What a crazy busy day!  The good thing?  Got a lot of much-needed work done.  But didn’t start thinking about dinner until 3:30.  And with all the howling wind and pelting rain all Sunday night, didn’t get much sleep.  All of this means by 3:30 I was running on fumes and needed something fast and easy for dinner. Grabbed the dog and took off to run [walk] errands and get the needed ingredients for this Saveur pasta dish – Orecchiette with Rapini and Goat Cheese. Actually, all we needed to get was the rapini and stuff for a salad so for us, this was a very inexpensive meal.  After a stop at El Diablo to visit with our friend Jeff  for much-needed caffeination, Riley and I headed down the ave, rapidly made all our obligatory stops, picked up our groceries and dashed home.   Thankfully, all with a little sun and no wind. Everything this afternoon and evening was done quickly, including my photo-taking which is why this pasta pic is a little blurry and poorly lit. Was in too much of a rush to check the photos before putting the camera away.  Oh well, guess I just need to go to bed a little early tonight and start over tomorrow.  Huh, maybe that one hour of springing forward and little sleep Sunday kind of threw me off.  Exhausted.

A few quick things about this recipe: I only used 3 tablespoons of olive oil, not the 1/3 cup called for…it was enough.  Used roasted garlic instead of raw, blanched the rapini while boiling the pasta water {saves a few minutes} and used herbed goat cheese.  Salted and peppered to taste.  Recipe serves four for a pasta course or two for an entrée.

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