meatless mondays . #12 {orange-glazed tempeh}

While perusing 101 Cookbooks I came across a pretty picture for Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh.   I had no idea what tempeh was but Heidi Swanson’s photo had me drooling and wanting to make one of her favorite tempeh dishes.  It turns out that tempeh is a soybean product that comes in the form of cakes or bars.  So off to Whole Foods I went.  I figured if I could find tempeh anywhere it would be there and on this particular day I wanted a sure thing and not a hunt.  Voila!  It is in the dairy case near the eggs.  And there are a bunch of varieties.  I got the traditional bar since this was my first foray into the tempeh world.  Okay, confession time.  This original Indonesian product didn’t look so great in the package.  I have no fear of tofu; I like it.  But this stuff had me a little scared.  So it sat in the fridge for the last two weeks.  {Don’t worry – it has a good shelf life!}  But after starting to feel guilty, tonight was the night.  My photo is nowhere near as pretty as Heidi Swanson’s, but the dish was good.  I served the orange glazed tempeh over cooked red Bhutanese rice, which I reheated with sautéed asparagus, pea pods, red onion, garlic and kale seasoned with pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil.   With dinner we had a Spanish Albariño  {well, I had…Goldfarb is still working on a brief due in the morning so no wine for him}.  I wanted a glass of wine but wasn’t sure what to open.  This turned out to be a good choice.  The citrus notes in the wine really brought out the orange in the glaze and complemented its  sweetness.
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