running here, running there

As much as I dislike the actual activity of running, race day is a different beast.  And if you remember, I really like race day with friends.  Started the running season two weeks ago with the St. Paddy’s Day Dash.  So looking forward to many of this year’s upcoming races since they will be done with friends and family.  Most notably the Seattle Rock and Roll with my friend Margaret who I always say ‘runs like the wind’, Tacoma half where I plan to stick around to cheer on my high school friend Jennifer as she completes her first marathon, repeating Portland with SuLee, See Jane Run with SuLee, Amy and Christina, running the Disney half with my cousins Brian and Randy – their first, and doing a race this year with my cousin Johnathan, a race that will be his first half marathon.  He picks the race!  I hope one of these events can be done with my friends Mika and Lia, my weekend warriors. The only race that is still up in the air is the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half – which is now a nighttime run.  My beautiful cousin Diana is getting married the following weekend.  Perhaps I can convince Goldfarb to take some time off and parlay a Sunday LV race into a week in Hawaii.  Here’s my race schedule.  What are you running this year?
may 1      tacoma half marathon
may 15   nordstrom beat the bridge 8k {to beat diabetes}
june 11   sound to narrows 12k
june 25  seattle rock n roll half marathon
july 17    see jane run half marathon
july 30   seafair torchlight 8k
sept 4     disneyland half marathon
oct 9       portland marathon
nov 27   seattle amica half marathon

oh, and p.s. – don’t even try to match up dates to burgle me [yeah, I know that’s not the word, but it’s my word]…my housesitter will kick your behind.  Plus then I’d have to take your pic from the surveillance tapes and put it all over youtube, probably not the kind of viral fame you’re looking for.  😉

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