meatless monday . #14 {spinach ricotta gnudi}

Well, well, well.  After twelve years, learned another thing about Goldfarb tonight.  Not a fan of gnocchi. Actually, ‘not a fan’ is being polite.  So when he saw the little dumplings I was boiling he gave me the look – the look he makes when he is a little worried.  The weird smile, the furrowed brow…the look of horror in his eyes.  Tonight’s meatless meal, Tommuy Habetz’ Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi with Tomato-Butter Sauce was very similar to gnocchi, except lighter in texture.  Almost billowy and not as dense.  Which for me was good.  For Farb, bad.  But he was a trooper.  Thanks goodness the sauce was good and we had a nice Caesars salad before otherwise I’d have a very sad and hungry gent on my hands.    This recipe did not fit into my quick fix prerequisites but I’d been wanting to try it for a while, so I was all in.  It’s not complicated but has a lot of steps and the sauce needs time to cook down.  A few tips: Added basil to the sauce and a couple extra pinches of crushed red pepper.  Although the dough is supposed to be light it seemed to soft to me so added ¾ cup extra flour.  Skip the kneading – it’s not necessary.  And for the love of God, wear long sleeves when cutting the gnudi into the the pot of boiling water.  That steam is a scorcher.  Oh, and sorry for the bad pic.  Lens fail.
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