week in review

Another Saturday.  Actually, another grey, misty Saturday.  If the sun doesn’t start making regular, prolonged appearances I’m going to scream.  Good thing I booked a Vegas trip this week.  One thing I was able to cross of my list – one of only a handful of to-dos that actually got done in this hectic last week.  Let’s see…here are some highlights with a few lowlights thrown in.
::  ate out five nights – so not like us, usually it’s dinner at home that many nights or more.
::  ate Asian food three times – so yummy, so good and after eating at Wild Ginger for what seems like forever, discovered a new dish: Thai Passion Tofu.  Get it.  It is the perfect harmony of sweet, sour and salty.  The eggplant and tofu combination will have you thanking me. 
::  lunched with girlfriends, two who I’ve known since 5th grade!  They all looked better than ever.  Good genes!
::  went to Tacoma twice, time with family, time with friends, time for picture-taking including the one above.
::  got yelled at by a Port of Tacoma employee for taking said picture.  Pretty sure I’m now on some Dept. of Homeland Security list.  And if I wasn’t before, I am now for posting the pic.  
::  spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about sandwiches.
::  gased up my car.  $75!  And my dad stopped before it topped out. Oy.  Good thing I don’t drive that much.
:: thought about how I miss the Sonics, twice, the later being yesterday when I heard Clay Bennett had been appointed head of the NBA’s relocation team.  Maybe he’ll relocate our team back. Ha!  Fat chance. Watch out Sacramento.
::  that lead to thinking about Nate McMillan {my fave} and Gary Peyton.
::  that lead to thinking about the last time I had a kamikaze {yes, things always circle back to cocktails}…with Gary at Davinici’s – at the time it was our favorite drink.  Boy, that was many, many, many moons ago.
 ::  got scolded by a tween for whispering at the family dinner table with his mom…he was right; bad manners.
::   discovered you can not pour liquid over the very top of the blade in the Cuisinart…it comes out through the seemingly ‘covered’ hole.  Is it possible that I could have made so many things in that machine over the years and not known this?!  I’m breaking down and buying a Vitamix {well, maybe this fall – I’m becoming increasingly frugal}.  No, I’m breaking down and buying a Vitamix.
::  contemplated buying a leather dress.  Decided I would never, in a million years, pull it off.
::  thought about baking.  Then sanity hit me.  Thank, God.
Oh, oh…I see light in the sky.   
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