favorite panini

I love this sandwich!  And so does Goldfarb.  We like it so much I make it quite often.  Most of the ingredients I keep on hand in the fridge as ‘staples’ so usually it’s just the cheese, turkey and bread that needs to get purchased.  Smothered between two slices of ciabatta bread are a slathering of pesto, two thin slices of provolone, three – four slices of super thin {almost shaved} roasted turkey breast, two slices of proscuitto, sprinkling of Mama Lil’s peppers {unless you’re like me and love these little gems…then the sprinkling becomes a heap} and fresh arugula. I love the hint of saltiness you get from the proscuitto and the kick of the sweet and spicy peppers. I get the turkey sliced pretty thin because it heats through faster.  I kept finding myself either burning the bread because it was taking so long to heat or it was cold in the middle with prepackaged turkey’s normal thickness.  Slide this into a panini press and cook on med-low heat for 4 minutes or until heated through.  You actually don’t need a press to make this – just put the sandwich into a skillet and place a heavy pot on top, flipping the sandwich half way through the cooking process.  See?  No special equipment required.  Let the sandwich rest for a minute or two before cutting it in half.  If you’re not careful this sandwich can get expensive so unless you’re going to eat it for several days in a row {which I do a lot} or are feeding a big group, buy the meats and cheese {which also allows you to control the thickness of both} from the deli counter so you just get what you need. Many stores have an olive bar now, too, where you can get small amounts of pesto and peppers. Give this sandwich a try.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do. 

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