favorite polish…for 2 reasons

Once I turned 40 I decided I was too old to hunch over and paint my own toes.  Plus I’m pretty bad at it.  The bottle falls over and spills {luckily the rug in the bathroom is black} or there ends up being about as much polish on my skin as on my toenails.  And I am doubly bad at keeping my fingernails well groomed.  If one breaks, it gets peeled off and I file it with my teeth…sorry Dr. Huddleston!  Do I take the time to cut the rest so they’re even? Nope! Plus I can’t get them filed straight.  So instead, I head to the nail salon a couple of blocks from my house. Pro Nails.  $30 for a pedicure and manicure.  How can you beat that, especially when the ladies working there are so nice and quick! I’m in an out in 40 minutes, complete with massages.  Very rarely do I get my nails painted – usually it is just a cut and buff.  But on that once-in-a-blue moon day I always get a very sheer, neutral color.  This one from Essie is my new favorite {available at Gene Juarez salons throughout the PNW}.  I am blessed with long nail beds {thanks, mom!} so light colors make the fingers on my man-hands look long.  This color is lovely, demure and a great soft pink for spring. Those are the first reasons I like it.  The second? It’s called My Way…which was my grandfather’s favorite song.  So I think this will be my favorite polish for quite some time.
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