don’t knock the skort

During my first year of running awhile back, I saw a lot of women running in skirts.  I was intrigued because they looked comfortable but the ones I saw on the race course were not cute.  Not even a little.  So the day before every race I’d peruse all the skirt vendors at the expo.  No wonder the ones I saw ladies running in were not cute – the ones at the expos were horrific.  When I’d see these skorts on women the next day they always made me chuckle.  They were really crazy!   At least for me.  I am just not a pink leopard or tie-dyed gal.  In fact I pretty much stick to neutral colors, and by neutral I mean black.  {This may have something to do with my late 80s – early 90s embrace of color – you know know the neons, of which hot pink was my favorite. Hot pink pants, skirts, dresses…lipstick. Let’s call it over saturation.}  Last year, I finally found a running skirt I loved from…Lululemon.  I obviously have a problem with Lululemon.  If there was a Lulu shopaholics group I’m sure I could easily fill the president’s role.  The first skirt was ruched on the sides and, of course, black.  Sadly, it just was taken offline.  But if you ever see it brought back…do not hesitate to buy it. I totally rocks.  The new skirt bought a few weeks ago is the Run: Speed Skirt.  It comes in two lengths – regular and tall.  The ruched skirt I bought in a tall because I wanted the longer length – this time, because of the style, I got the regular.  With its pleated back, it’s pretty fashion-forward.  A little like a tennis skirt met a cheerleading skirt met a run skirt.  More practical features?  Made of Lululemon’s lightweight, wicking ‘swift’ fabric with a built-in wicking short liner with elastic leg bands, smooth waistband featuring a continuous drawcord and lots of pockets to hold your key, gel, music: one zippered pocket in the mid back and two pockets in the front.  As with other items that have elastic at the leg hem, if you are wearing this skirt for a long run, Body Glide on you legs will be your friend.  This is a super cute running skirt…I mean skort.  Trust me, no one will knock it on the race course. 
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1 Response to don’t knock the skort

  1. Amy Gavin says:

    I have that exact one – I used to wear it a lot more than I do… it’s definitely more suitable to shorter runs. You look fabulous in that picture!!!

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