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I use to be a bad hoarder…of cleaning products, makeup and condiments.  I’m happy to report that condiments are my only remaining downfall, but can you ever have too many condiments?  That’s like saying “the sauce has too much cream.”  I think my problem with cleaners was that I was always looking for something to make the job easier and faster. Aren’t we all?  Constant disappointment resulted in a plethora of products. One day I opened the cabinet under the sink only to have lots of cans and bottles of this and that fall out. There were so many things that had been purchased and then stashed away because they didn’t do the job that they were double stacked and completely filling up the cabinet.  What a mess.  Emptied everything into the sink and into the recycling bid they went. Except for the products I’d found worked well.  Amazingly, the chock-full cabinet went down to a handful of cleaners and tons of free space!  And now, these things listed below are what I stick with.  We have a variety of surfaces in the house: granite, wood, glass – lots and lots of glass, and slate.  Here are the products I love because they are good cleaners and many of them have a nice, subtle scent.  What are your go-to-cleaning products?
Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner
I use this bio-degradeable concentrate cleaner for most everything, the granite shower, sinks, toilets, bathroom granite floors, slate floor.  My favorite scent is lavender but really, all their scents are good.  Since I use this product the most, I like that I can get it many places – grocery store, Target, Bartell Drugs.
Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner
This is the only thing I use on our counters.  We keep the counters well sealed so I find this product not only cleans well but provides enough of a matte polish without having to buy a separate product.  And it is the only thing I’ve found that does not leave a greasy or opaque film!
Murphy Oil Soap
There is a reason that Murphy Oil Soap has been around for over 100 years…it’s a great gentle floor cleaner.  I primarily use the old fashion concentrate soap and in an old fashioned way – bucket and rag.  For quick cleanups I also have the Squirt and Mop on hand.  And when I do use a mop, it’s the Libman Wonder Mop with microfiber gripstrips.  
Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner
These are now the only ‘wipes’ under the sink.  This stainless steel cleaner also comes in spray form but I like the wipes.  For everyday cleaning I can do all the kitchen appliances with one wipe.  Deeper cleans require two. They work really well and I’ve found I don’t have to use a separate cloth for polishing.  They also cut through the grease on the range hood…extra bonus.
Bar Keepers Friend
My dad introduced me to this product.  I love that it cleans all my stainless steel/metal sinks, faucets and shower heads removing any hard water spots and rust {that sits on the clear coat of the sinks} without being abrasive.  Mixed with a little water to make a paste, it also works well in cleaning grout and cement.  I’ve found the powder from of BKF is best of the different types offered. 
Weiman Gas Range Cleaner
This product is pretty new and recently just picked it up.  I’d been using 409 but cleaning the range top required a lot of elbow grease and multiple applications of cleaner.  This Weiman product is great.  Love it.  Using this with their red range top scrubbers make the job easier.  I still use a toothpick to clean the crevices on the side and vacuum the range. But these two products together clean well, cutting through the burnt grease.  To clean the igniters and burners I use a simple paste of baking soda and water with a toothbrush. 
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5 Responses to favorite cleaning products

  1. KIM says:

    Glitsa clean or Woodwise, those are both good no-rinse hardwood cleaners.

  2. KIM says:

    Just a heads up, don’t use Murphy’s oil soap on your hardwood floors. It leaves soap residue. If you ever want to refinish them down the road you will know why.
    Signed, Kim (Sarah S’s mom)
    Just in case you were wondering who reads your blog. Love the daily pictures and have made a few of the recipes. Thanks.

    • victoria says:

      Thanks for the info. I actually always clean with the soap and then ‘rinse’ the floors with clean water so there is no residue. But out of curiosity, what does the residue due to the floor? Does it just cause buildup? I rinse to get rid of the soap film but also because I don’t want anything eating through the finish. I need to get the floor refinished in the kitchen soon – so many little dents and scratches.

      • KIM says:

        Gums up the sanding equipment making it much harder and messier to refinish flooring. Best to use a no-rinse type product, also soap residue usually attracts dirt so you are probably seeing your floor getting dirty quicker. Just a suggestion…..

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