week in review

Learned how to finally properly clean and prepare an artichoke, beyond just snipping off the pointy leaf ends.
Replaced my mascara and remembered the first time ever putting it on.  Waterproof.  Four coats.  Mom came home early to pick me up from my grandparents.  Couldn’t get the stuff off but then I saw my grandfather’s tiny scissors in the vanity cabinet.  Snip snip. Seemed like a good idea at the time.  
Played eight games of scrabble online with friends in NY, Chicago, Kirkland and CA.  Won four, lost four.  
A draw.
Spent two days looking everywhere for lychees.  Should have just gone to Uwajimaya.
In my never-ending hunt for the perfect warm weather shoe, bought these.  How cute are they?  And only $79. 
Ran a total of 15 miles.  Glad to be getting my mileage back…without pain.
Hired a trainer {again} and signed up for Wednesday night boot camp.  Time to get serious.
Registered for the Survivor Mud Run – an obstacle course 5k in, you guessed it,  a lot of mud.  Got excited. Then actually looked at the course.  What was I thinking?!
With the sun making a regular appearance this week, thought about going to the storage unit to get the outdoor furniture cushions but didn’t.  Good thing.  Rain all next week. 
Pickled, pickled pickled: carrots, beans, asparagus, red onions and the one I’m most excited about…ramps! Can’t wait to have them later in the week with braised lamb. 
Discovered a new favorite after dinner drink: moscato.  Sparkling goodness. 
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