my perfect manhattan

Well, my perfect Manhattan would be…being in Manhattan.  But short of that, here it is – my version of the classic cocktail. I say my version because typically it’s made with whiskey but I love, love, love it with bourbon, specifically Woodford Reserve, a Kentucky small-batch bourbon.  It surprises some that I love scotch, whiskey and bourbon.  They are such strong liquors usually preferred by men.  I’m not sure what that says about me but I love them…not a connoisseur by any means, but I know what I like.   And I really, really like Woodford.  So this recipe uses that and another ingredient recently discovered at a wedding: Antica Formula sweet vermouth, perhaps the best I’ve ever tasted.  Had it in a Manhattan and it was truly love at first sip. So even if you’re scared about this classic because what you’ve had in the past is too strong or harsh, give this a try.  It is smooth with a hint of sweet {but not gnawingly sweet like you may have had also} and super luxurious on the palate.  Several years ago Goldfarb’s dad and Janice introduced me to three classic cocktails: the sidecar, old-fashioned and Manhattan.  I think of them when I have any of the three and say a silent “thank you.”
V’s Manhattan
makes 1
2 oz. Woodford Reserve bourbon
1 oz. Antica Formula sweet vermouth
2 dashes Peychaud’s aromatic bitters
2 maraschino cherries  {or Armenian cherries if you can find them- trust me…yum!}
In a glass pitcher, add a handful of ice to chill the pitcher.  Add bourbon, vermouth and bitters. Stir.  Strain into a glass and garnish with cherries. 
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2 Responses to my perfect manhattan

  1. rtm says:

    v –

    I will certainly try this. As a bourbon guy, one of the things you probably like about Woodford is it’s “smoothness”, which is a byproduct of it’s mash bill (the grain mixture used by the distiller). Woodford (and Makers Mark, Weller, and a couple others) use Wheat, rather than Rye, as the “off-grain” (bourbon must be at least 50% corn – if it’s less than 50% it’s called something else – such as Rye). Wheat has a smoother, less spicy flavor than Rye.

    Sometime, to support the local economy, lets meet somewhere and try your recipe with Scrappy’s bitter – made here in Seattle.

    Where can I find the cherries? I’ve been a twist man, myself, but maybe better cherries would win me over.

    • victoria says:

      Yes! I love how smooth it is. Especially for this drink. I also like Makers {Makers and soda}. So I have maraschinos that are made w/o dye but if you can find Armenian ones, they are sooo much better in this cocktail. Sometimes Whole Foods and Met Market have them but not regularly. Yes, we must meet for cocktails. I am the more ‘cocktail person’ in the Goldfarb-Woodarski duo. Goldfarb will drink whatever you give him. 🙂

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