ntl doughnut day – yikes!

Okay, I caved…gave in to national doughnut day.  But it seems like everyone else in my ‘hood did too since the line at TOP POT was literally, to the door.  An extra special treat was running into my neighbor and his twin girls who proudly announced they were four!   Their dad told them I was four, too.  Ha!  I looked them in the eye and said, “times ten!”  Left out the plus one.  Those girls are so sweet and the best thing in the summer is opening the deck off my den and hearing them playing in the backyard.  Riley loves sitting on the deck and watching them. He thinks they’re super cute…and entertaining. 

I have a weird relationship with doughnuts.  Used to love them, especially because they remind me of fun times with my grandpa.  But then, while working all those years at Safeway, I did a three week stint in the bakery. Forget the 5 a.m. start time, frying doughnuts was the worse thing ever.   Standing over a vat of 325° oil for hours left me smelling like one ginormous doughnut.  While I think I didn’t have to moisturize my face for months, I reeked every day like sweet, smelly grease.  And left sticky and covered in flaking frosting.  My sneakers?  Quickly thrown away immediately at the end of my last bakery day.  They were so coated in grease and frosting they were beyond salvation. Those who know me know I am less than graceful. Actually, clumsy is a more appropriate word so having me working with hot oil: bad idea.  Maybe they do it now, but people should not give a clumsy 20 year old a wire net and a vat of bubbling oil without some heat-proof gloves.  Let’s just say the back of my knuckles got dipped more than once.  After this adventure in doughnut making I think I didn’t eat one for about eight years.  The thought of them grossed me out.

I’m obviously past that now, but can only have about 2 or 3 a year and those are usually either a maple bar or apple fritter.  Today it was the fritter.  Chopped dough, apples and cinnamon goodness.  If someone made a carrot cake doughnut with cream cheese frosting I’d really be in trouble.  Top Pot’s just a few blocks from my house so that made it a sure thing but my friends up north swear FROST in Mill Creek is their favorite.  So for you north-enders you might want to give them a try…then report back!  If you’re looking for a vegan or organic doughnut, try Mighty O, available at Caffé Vitta and Caffè Fiore.

At 560 calories it’s a good thing I’m about to go spend two hours in the gym.  Should have gotten a plain cake – it would have been half the calories; well almost.  But plain? Where’s the fun in that?!  Did I mention that the Top Pot fritter is almost as big as my face?  Oy…going to the gym.  Enjoy your doughnuts!

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1 Response to ntl doughnut day – yikes!

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I wish I could have a Top Pot doughnut today. And like you, I would have chosen the fritter. My favorite. Guess I’ll have to settle for a Fig Newton because that’s the closest thing to a doughnut in my pantry. Bleh.

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