happy birthday dad!

We had a great dinner with my parents last night to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  He was born on D Day.  Not an anniversary of but the actual day.  Seems a little fitting since I come from a large extended family of men and women who have been called to military service, including my dad who was in the Air Force.  Unlike many other military families, we were fortunate to only move twice, once to the Philippines and once to Sacramento. But those moves filled my life with some life-long friendships and great memories.  Some of my favorites – visiting my dad on base and looking at the planes and parts.  But I also loved when my dad would come visit me at school.  The most memorable being one  Thanksgiving, back when school kids could celebrate that holiday and not have to call it a Harvest Festival.  We had worked really hard all week to make hats for our parents.  I loved, that without missing a beat, by dad proudly donned his Indian headband and sat cross-legged on the floor next to me for the whole party.  
When we lived in Sacramento we explored a lot.  One of my favorite day trips was to Sutter’s Fort.  It came during a time in school when we were learning about the Gold Rush and missions throughout the state.  Touring the grounds was really fun but the best part of that day was sitting on a huge rock with many rounded, bowl-like divots pretending to work – it was a boulder that the women once used to grind corn.   I think if you asked most adults they would tell you some of their favorite memories are simple ones; ones that are meaningful not necessarily because of location or events but because they were spent with family and/or friends just having fun being together.  That is true for me.
My dad has always been my number one fan.  Always supporting me and the things I’ve wanted to do.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and always the first to tell me, “Good job!”  I talk to my parents often throughout the week.  I enjoy sharing even the most mundane parts of my day with them, laughing about anything and everything, and just having them call to tell me they love me. 
Happy birthday, Dad!  You’re the best! 
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