week in review

Oh my goodness. What a week.  If I told you I was exhausted that would be an understatement.  The true extent of the fatigued hit me this morning around mile 7 of my half marathon, See Jane Run at Gasworks Park. Another race I didn’t train for…which is bad because this makes three.  Since I didn’t vomit or collapse after any of them I know the thirteen miles won’t kill me.  Not good ‘cuz it means I might wimp out on training.  Better keep running with my friends so they keep me on the straight and narrow.  My time this morning was bad, but for a change, I didn’t really care.  Aside from being really tired, my foot didn’t hurt too badly and the race course was so crowded I decided not to try and fight my way through and run in spurts and stalls.  I just let the stress of running hard for a good time go.  My girlfriends and I are ramping up to do the Portland Marathon {again!} so today’s race was just a good training run for me.  Am just happy to be bringing my mileage up again…will work on speed later.  Before you take a peek at my ‘crazy busy week’ – first things first…my aunt had her last chemo treatment on Wednesday!  And she’s doing great.  Best thing ever!
::  Went to a Ferguson for A.G. gathering Monday night, which was followed by dinner with friends at Barolo.  Sat at the long fancy table and had a great time.  Company = fantastic, wine = excellent, charcuterie plate = yum, food = pretty good.  Temps were a little off but flavorful.  All-in-all, a great impromptu night out! 
:: Took Riley for a meet-and-greet with a new boarder.  He had a great time but only after he got away from the other golden there who was clearly on crack. That dog was happy times 10 and freaking Riley out. Oh Riley, you’re such a big scaredy cat.  But he is so looking forward to his time at Dog Trots!
:: Two training session with the trainer may have been one too many before the half marathon but I’m obsessed with toning my arms so I didn’t mind.  I have triceps and deltoids I didn’t know existed.  Nice to see them coming out of hiding.  Boxing, resistance and band work…I’m a believer!  But just hoping my trainer will stop introducing me to his other ‘warriors’ – the 6 and 7 year olds he trains at the gym…he’s the martial arts youth trainer. Tells you something about me, doesn’t it?!
::  Goldfarb’s mom moved to an assisted living community Friday.  Prepping for the move kept me pretty busy.  Lots of site visits, meetings, shopping for new items + furniture {fun}, sampling breakfasts and lunches {yum}, working with the social worker, nurse and moving company.  Sorting furniture, going through cupboards, looking through files. Moving is hard enough for most people; leaving your home of 25+ years to go to assisted living: traumatic.  But Goldfarb’s mom was a trooper!  It helped that she was super excited for a beautiful new apartment which meant she could leave house maintenance and yard work behind and start enjoying all the activities Merrill Gardens provides.  And they have tons! Arts, education, exercise, gaming, daily movie night, day trips, cooking demonstrations, and overnight vacations! Plus nutritional, tasty meals and housekeeping. Sounds pretty good, huh?  Everyone at Merrill Gardens has been great so far. And I can not say enough wonderful things about Karen at Segue, Inc.  If you have a loved one making the transition to an assisted living property, Karen is the person to call!  She and her team specialize in this kind of move and know exactly what they are doing.  They make a traumatic move much easier and possess the perfect personalities to put your loved one at ease.   The first weekend in the new place has gone well.  Keep your fingers crossed that it continues!
::  After the last few weeks at Merrill Gardens, I noticed everyone has unfashionable shoes.  Comfortable I’m sure but not cute.  So I’m planning ahead.  My godson will come for regular visits, my friend Katie and I will make sure to be in the same place and I’m buying these now and socking them away for later!  Oh, and a pair of these for days when I’m too stiff to bend over and tie laces. I want comfort and style.  I will forever be a Prada girl, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to order these in a ‘wide’ since I have a feeling my feet are going to spread, especially if I keep running.  
::  Oh yeah…for a little treat, broke down + bought a leather dress. We’ll see if I have the cahones to actually wear it.

::  And one last thing – two plugs for restaurants.  If you haven’t been to How to Cook a Wolf lately, you must go.  They take reservations now, too, which is great since the space is intimate.  I hate waiting for tables and now that problem is solved.  Some of the best things we had Friday were the cured meats plate {see a theme here?}, heirloom tomato and anchovy salad, housemade mozzarella, scallops – and well, the pastas are always fab!  After today’s race Sulee, Amy and Wendy and I brunched at Bastille.  I always love the croque monsieur and crab benedict but today had something different.  The duck confit hash is to die-for.  Really.  Brunch with good friends…what a fun way to kick start a new week. 
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