meatless . #29 {spinach pesto fontina lasagna}

Well it’s not Monday and it’s not a pretty picture.  But it is yummy lasagna.  When I saw this recipe on the Bon Appétit website last week I knew I wanted to make for our meatless meal.  But Mike’s brother was here to help with their mom’s move and he’s off pasta.  So I pushed Meatless Monday back to today and made the lasagna for dinner.  This is not a typical recipe I would make during the week because it has a lot steps and prep, but if you made the sauce and pesto a day advance, it would come together much quicker for a weeknight meal.  Next time we have this I will only use half the pesto and half the ricotta.  It was really rich, yummy but rich.  Unless you’re in a real bind, don’t try to save time with store-bought pesto.  The parsley and tarragon add a lot to the pesto giving the lasagna a great earthy brightness when paired with the spinach.  Add making the pesto only takes about 10 minutes.  A great salad with lots of fresh herbs, tomatoes and a quick vinaigrette rounded out the entree.  

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