week in review

It’s Saturday, sunny and warm.  So what am I doing inside?  Passing time while doing loads and loads of laundry, that’s what.  I should be vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom but that will come later.  Really wanted to go to the driving range but responsibility set in.  Well, kind of since I’m at the computer and watching Anthony Bourdain after all.  Just thinking about the sheer amount of laundry that has to be done makes me tired.  How can two people generate so much? If we stopped working out that would solve half of the problem, but that’s probably not a great solution.

:: Spent three days in Las Vegas this week to celebrate my friends Heide and Cory’s upcoming 40th birthdays.  We were all looking forward to Vegas’ glittering gold sun…it was not to be.  One, because it was mostly overcast while we were there [overcast but hot, and humid] and two, because we stayed at the Monte Carlo, a hotel that has now been engulfed by tall buildings all around it that act as man-made sun-blockers. Fab. { <— this is what Vegas shade looks like.} The pool there was not great; the chairs were packed in like sardines.  I kid you not!  They were literally laid out right next to each other so it was impossible to pull them even 1 inch away from each other.  But since there were so many of us there, we luckily didn’t have to sit that close to strangers.  I could go on an on about the hotel, but I won’t.  If we had stayed there alone it would have been really bad, but we were with good friends.  If you ever doubted that being surrounded by good, fun people can affect your mood, let me tell you, they absolutely can.  We had a great mini vacation because of our friends.  We laughed, relaxed, played, and laughed some more.  Came back without a tan, but who cares?!

::  Tried to go to my ‘every-time in Vegas’ restaurant, Michael Mina at the Bellagio.  They were closed for two weeks for summer break. WHAT? I nearly died.  But then remembered I could now get my Mina fix at the newly opened RN74 in Seattle.  I lived.  We had a fab brunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesars.  Our friend Todd had the spicy chicken + sweet potato hash {pic below}.  I had the spicy scrambled eggs.  Holy cow, they had a good kick.  They aren’t kidding around when they use the word ‘spicy’. But that didn’t stop me from getting a side of chorizo.  The best thing of the outing was something everyone else had but I didn’t but I’m sharing anyway because they raved about it the whole day…the handcrafted Bloody Mary, complete with an assortment of garnish including pickled green tomatoes.  So next time you’re in Vegas, Mesa Grill and their Bloody Mary cocktails should be on your list! 
::  Played craps for the first time!  After years of watching Mike and Tony play I finally delved in, all by myself.  So I needed the dealer’s help making some side bets…but I did it.  And so I only won a $100 after nearly an hour of play.  It was fun and now I think I’m hooked, on craps and penny slots.  The later is my mom’s fault.  She’s the one who introduced me to the slots’ winning ways.  Hee hee.
:: Ran 10 miles in the Monte Carlo gym.  Should have done 14 but started late and brunch was calling.  So ran 6 miles hard and 4 miles easy.  Doesn’t make up for the distance but the fact I did it and worked out the next day down there is good enough for me.  So I slacked a bit; someone should have chased me around the strip.
::  Got in trouble taking pictures inside the spa at the Mandarin Oriental.  No pictures? I didn’t see that sign.  Actually, Nanette got in trouble but since she was using my camera taking a picture I told her to take it really was me getting scolded.  We didn’t get kicked out so they must not have cared too much.  But back to the Mandarin.  If you have never gone to one of their spas you must, even if you don’t stay at the property.  It is by far, the best spa I’ve ever been to and the one in NYC at Columbus Circle takes the cake.  Trust me on this!
:: Rehurt my foot playing beach volleyball.  They shouldn’t have let me play.  I’m way to competitive.  But boy was it fun!
::  Got sad on Wednesday when I realized there was no way I could swing a quick trip to NYC for the Alexander McQueen exhibit.  People!  If you are in New York and love art/design and the introspection it provides get thyself to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see this exhibit, which ends next week.  Get your tickets now! Met members get priority but if you have to wait in line, it will be worth it.  See it; see it for me!
:: Had to finally turn off CNN.  Got tired and frustrated watching non-stop coverage of the debt ceiling debate. Or should I call it squabbling?  I won’t go into a long political diatribe but let me just say this: No one president or party caused the debt problem.  And we should try to solve one issue at a time because we clearly can’t solve multiple problems at once. Raise the debt ceiling {not so we have the go-ahead to spend more but so we can meet and pay our current obligations} then focus on working on a balanced budget.  Tired of hearing both parties call on the other side to compromise.  They can’t collaborate; how on Earth do they think either side will compromise. Okay, that’s it. 
::  Took Riley for a checkup.  The immune-mediated arthritis is not returning.  Yippee!
::  Scored 946,200 points on Bejeweled Blitz.  Yes, I am that easily excited. 
Have a great weekend.  And if you’re out there running, cycling or doing any other activity in the warm weather, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
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  1. Lia says:

    Ok I’m tired now! But I did get some new “to-do” and “not to-do’s” from your jam packed week! How could you possibly think of working when there is that much to do!!

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