haircare products {genius!}

After years and years of using two other lines of hair care products, I made a radical discovery several months ago, thanks to my hair stylist, Randy.  A line that is so luxurious, so special, so great that I used up all my existing stuff and quickly replaced everything with products from Oribe {pronounced or-bay}.  So first let me say that I used to use two different salon product lines because neither one offered a whole suite of items I liked.  The shampoo and conditioner from one company was good but the styling products couldn’t tame my thick, sometimes crazy hair.  So I augmented with another line.  This is no longer an issue.  I can find all the products I need from Oribe.  And the styling items are so good I’ve been able to pair down my routine of thickening spray, root lift, mousse, styling cream and hairspray {told you, crazy bordering on unmanageable hair} to just blowout spray, styling cream and hairspray. Yeah.  But not only did things get simplified, the products are made with such high quality ingredients {many of them skincare grade} perfectly formulated that styling time is way shorter.

But perhaps the thing I absolutely love the most about Oribe is that every – E.V.E.R.Y. – product has the same fragrance! For someone like me who is both a fragrance snob and fragrance-sensitive, this is pure genius.  So much so that I wish I would have thought of it myself.  No more competing scents.  Just a beautiful, clean, lightly perfumed aroma of florals and fruits.  When my girlfriends and I went to the Mandarin Oriental Spa last week, they were able to try all of the Oribe products in their vanity area.  They loved them and really, really liked the lovely fragrance.  So much so that they raved about it to their husbands, so it made me think I should share these products with you. 

Okay, these aren’t drugstore products so they are more than what you may be used to, but they are on par with other salon-only available lines. And I’ve found I only need to use a very small amount of the products, especially the styling ones – even the hairspray, that in the end, investment isn’t that bad.  My favorite items are all from their Signature Line: Shampoo, Conditioner, Royal Blowout {which also thickens and helps me blow my hair both straight and softly curl the ends}, Crème for Style {which I use as both a root lift and to tame my baby hairs that like to stick up at the part} and Super Fine Strong Hair Spray {light but firm and doesn’t cake, flake or turn white}.  All the products, although they are not in their color line, are color safe and contain UV protection.  If your salon does not carry Oribe {mine, Robert Leonard in Seattle does} have no fear.  You can buy their products on line from their website.  

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  1. Kim Read says:

    I love, love,
    LOVE Oribe!! Obadiah in Bellevue carries it and Frenchy’s in Madison Park.

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