national rum day! {hooray}

When I think of summer, I think warmth and sun.  And who are we kidding…a cold, fruity cocktail. For me, most of the time this means a vodka or tequila-based beverage.  But since I’ve known Mike, rum has crept into the mix.  And not because it’s the alcohol in Mai Tais or Daiquiris, but because one of Mike’s favorite summer drinks is a large pint glass {he calls it a bucket – ha ha} of rum and tonic.  If you’re like me and this is the first time you are hearing of this combination you are crinkling your nose and thinking “eww”…but give it a try. It is actually really, really tasty and refreshing with a nice citrusy taste. For Mike, it is the perfect post-sailing cocktail.  And it’s simple to make.  I prefer an old fashioned glass so for that size: 1 oz rum {you can really use any that you like, I prefer Bacardi Superior White but it also tastes really good with spiced rum}, ice, lime slice all added to the glass, topped with tonic.

has a good article on rums in their August/September edition.  I actually learned a lot about the history of the alcohol, which is kind of sad because a few years ago while in Puerto Rico I had the privilege of touring the Bacardi plant. I think I was so taken with the expansive grounds, architecture and smell of molasses that the history lesson escaped me. In addition to the article about rum, there are several rum drink recipes.  The second picture here is the Eureka Punch.  Make this!  It is like a wonderful tropical iced tea.  But be careful. They don’t immediately taste that strong.  But trust me, they are oh so good!
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