meatless . # 33 {pasta alla trapanese}

I had planned to make a pasta dish this week with a yellow tomato sauce, but when I read through Saveur’s August/September issue {which, from yesterday’s post I’m loving…so many great things in this edition!} I saw this recipe for Pasta alla Trapanese, which I decided to make instead because 1] it seemed interesting…a tomato pesto?, 2] looked like a quick-fix meal {my fave}, and 3] would allow me to use up all the cherry tomatoes, basil and golden raisins {leftover from last week’s chilled soup}!  Done. To make this meatless, I simply omitted the anchovies but I whole-heartidly intend to make this again with those little, lovely fish.  And because I love pepperoncini, used three instead of the one the recipe calls for and added a 1/3 cup of fresh cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, to the pasta at the end, sprinkling over the top with fresh grated parmesan and Italian parsley.  You can make the pesto a day in advance, keeping it in an air-tight container.  But I would probably suggest letting it get to room temperature before mixing it with the cooked pasta.  But I was able to toast the almonds and make the pesto while I was waiting for the pasta water to boil and pasta to cook.  So it didn’t add extra time to the meal preparation.   Instead of making homemade pasta, I used fresh campanelle from Ethan Stowell’s Lagana pasta line.  Any pasta that will grab the pesto, rigatoni, radiatore, etc. would work.  

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