world humanitarian day {small things count}

Today is World Humanitarian Day.  Normally I’d probably write a long post sharing with you all of the wonderful things my friends do to make this world a better place. They travel to some of the world’s toughest areas like my friend Joy with Mercy Corps, they help raise up the Hispanic community in NYC like my friend Beatriz with Comunilife, they raise money and awareness for LGBT rights through the Human Rights Campaign like my friend Tim, and they try to empower our youth by committing to teach in some of our country’s lowest-incomed communities for two years as part of Teach for America like my friend Sam. I would tell you about all my friends and colleagues who, as volunteers, donors and staff, are trying to change the world by curing a disease through their tireless work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  So while I’ve linked to all of these great organizations and if you click this link you can find ideas of things you can do to help people throughout the world I’d like to offer one thing.  It is not a prayer for world peace. I am too much of a realist for that but rather something simple.  If we could all try just a little bit each day to be kinder to each other, find a place in our hearts for a little empathy, treat each other with respect because we are all human beings maybe, just maybe, our world could be a gentler place. 

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