Lagerfeld for Macy’s

German designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld has done it again.  As the first prolific artist to create an approachable line for H&M, he has now released an amazing 45 piece collection for Macy’s Impulse department. The collection, released to select stores on August 31 but available on line, features stunning pieces ranging in price from $50 – $170. Unlike other off-the-rack, affordable collections from well-known designers , what I love about Lagerfeld’s is the line retains his avant garde edge while being suitable for everyday wear. Best known for his work as Head Designer and Creative Director for Chanel, Lagerfeld currently also designs for Fendi and his own label. While his couture pieces may not always appeal to me personally, I respect his ability to remain committed to his personal vision and style.  And his ability to celebrate a woman’s figure is amazing.  Especially in his menswear inspired pieces.  My favorite items from the Lagerfeld for Impulse collection, including the dress above, are the sleeveless turtleneck sweater {$69} and the sleeveless turtleneck tweed dress {$129}. And when the tweed zip front short sleeve shift dress becomes available…I’m buying that, too!

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