missoni for target

The other day I gushed about the Lagerfeld for Impulse line. Today I am fawning over the soon-to-arrive Missoni for Target collection…the whole collection, which arrives in stores and online next Tuesday.  I have said it before and it’s true: I hate shopping. Actually, loathe would be a better word. Love fashion but I’d rather be anywhere else than the mall or a department store. Send me to the farmers market, grocery store, culinary store, book store…I’m a happy camper. But a clothing store usually stirs up a guttural reaction. Really.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I email the order in and then barely run into the store to pick up the items. That is how much I dislike clothes shopping. Having said all that though, I am SUPER excited about Missoni for Target. So much so I’ve been counting down the weeks. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

With a promise to maintain the same level of craftsmanship, style and quality Missoni has always exhibited in its couture and M knitwear lines, the 400 piece Target collection spans apparel for women, men and children, footwear and includes home furnishings, case goods, luggage and even a bike!  {You can view a sampling of the pieces here on the New York website.} All featuring Missoni’s signature and iconic zig zags, stripes, and abstract patterns in a wide range of striking colors. It all exudes Missoni’s vintage style with a modern twist.  I love, L.O.V.E, the women’s stacked heel shoes, several of the dresses and women’s jackets. The men’s ties are yummy, especially the mauve diagonal zig zag pattern. But the first, very first item I am bee-lining to is the swimsuit above. I don’t what you all are doing at 8 a.m. Tuesday, September 13th but I’ll be at Target!

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