fiori floral design + nordstrom…a stylish duo

For years, one of my favorite Seattle florists has been Fiori Floral Design. I’ve used them from everything for birthdays, get-well wishes, arrangements in our home and special occasions. While there are several great florists in the city, I really love three things about Fiori. One, their signature pavé style is contemporary and each design feels special. Two, every arrangement is perfectly styled, utilizes only the freshest products and is always, always delivered on time. After too many bait-and-switch floral experiences, this is very important. And third, owner Miles Johnson! Not only is Miles a talented, creative designer he is incredibly easy to work with on projects. If you have no clue what you want, he is your guy. But if you have particular florals, palettes, or structures, collaborating with him is fun and the end result will always turn out better than your expectations.

I also love Fiori’s design classes. My girlfriend and I took their peony class last year and not only had a great time but learned a lot about building a great arrangement. {We probably all know that when we receive and arrangement we should change the water daily to ensure it lasts longer. But did you know doing this is easier than we make it out to be? I mean how many times have we tipped the water out of the vase to have it run everywhere, have flowers fall out? A properly, well-created arrangement is one that you should be able to support from the top and completely turn upside down to remove the water over your sink. Nothing should fall out or get jostled. I kid you not. It’s easy to do if you know how to build it correctly.}  I highly recommend their classes for understanding basic techniques as well as creating special occasion florals for weddings and holidays.  The cost of your class includes the 3 hour tutorial, gift bag, all floral product and supplies plus you take home your finished piece, worth about $100 alone.  Here is a picture of my finished workshop arrangement.
Last Friday, Fiori opened a boutique at the Flagship Nordstrom in downtown Seattle – Pine Street entrance. There is now a great place in the downtown core to pick up beautiful, ready made arrangements, either small versions of Fiori’s pave designs {$30-50} or beautiful hand-tied bouquets {$25 and up}.  I’m notorious for running to the grocery store for last minute hostess arrangements, and while that’s served me well, I like the idea of having a place to go for something a little more refined without having to wait for it to be arranged or wrapped. So next time you need a gift or just something beautiful to brighten up your desk or home, stop by Fiori’s new boutique and give them a try. I know you will not be disappointed.

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