must see t.v. {tonight on the x factor}

Okay people, just a quick shout out post to my friend Tiger Budbill who is one of the top 32 finalists on The X Factor. For 18 years, I’ve listened and watched Tiger croon his way into people’s hearts and now others throughout the U.S. get to witness his talent, too. I could tell you all my Tiger stories. Ones that involve his karaoke prowess at an old boyfriend’s restaurant where we first met; ones that involve him always appeasing me by indulging in my sappy sweet duets ; ones where he’s served as emcee for local auctions helping parlay bidding into a frenzy; the one where he graciously fulfilled my request of him to sing Rascal Flatts’ My Wish at my 40th birthday – something he’d never sang before. Or the one, where at that same party, he sang After All with me…a song we hadn’t done together for over 13 years but it was like riding a bike. No practice necessary. I could tell you he has an amazing voice. I could tell you when he sings Dream On, it rocks your world. I could tell you if you haven’t heard him sing both Travolta’s + Newton-John’s parts of Summer Lovin’ you are really missing out. It’s not only good…it’s a riot! I could tell you that he has a soulful voice with incredible range. But you can hear that for yourself tonight. 
What I really want to tell you is this. Throughout the past several weeks of watching the show, I have smiled every time Tiger has appeared on screen singing. I’ve teared up watching him make every cut. But what has brought me to absolute tears and put a smile on my face is watching him react when the other contestants have made it through to the next round also. He’s a rare one…someone who is truly happy for his fellow contestants. Maybe it’s because he understands the enormity of the struggle, hard work and sacrifice it takes to get there. Maybe it’s because he realizes the purity of their talent. But I actually think it is simpler than that. I think it’s simply because he is a nice man with a huge heart. Always has been; always will be. I don’t how far he makes it in this competition {he’s sworn to secrecy} but you should tune in tonight. Don’t believe the old adage that the good guys always finish last. Sometimes, just sometimes, luck, opportunity, talent and heart moves them a step ahead. 
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1 Response to must see t.v. {tonight on the x factor}

  1. Lisa O. says:

    Tiger is amazing! The range of his voice is incredible. Can’t wait to see this guy go all the way!!!

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