dear photograph

Dear Photograph,
Visits to my grandparent’s house were always my favorite. It was, in fact, my second home. The only thing missing today is Grandpa. My heart still aches.
– Victoria Woodarski 

This site touches my heart each and every time I log on to it. After reading Dear Photograph for several months, I turned in my submission, taken a couple of months ago. The only thing that held me back all this time was the fact the photo was not lined up just right. Yes, I am a perfectionist. And yes, overlaying the original picture is much harder that it looks. Oh well, it was time to get over it. Picture submitted but with only one selected per day, it may take a while to get posted. With each year, I’d like to say I’m gaining more patience but clearly I haven’t gotten enough since I’m showing it to you here now. But I also really just wanted to share this website with all of you. Some of the stories are celebrations, some are heart-wrenching. Everyone, given a photograph and words, can be a powerful storyteller. Everyone has something to share; something to pass down. That is, in fact, how the ‘history of us’ is documented. It is an amazing and beautiful thing.

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