perfect roast turkey {courtesy of martha, of course}

We’re having Thanksgiving at my parents’ house this year. Excellent! I love only having to be responsible for beverages. Yipee. But then last week she informed me that she wasn’t making a turkey. WHAT? Thanksgiving without a turkey? Okey dokey. No worries here. We’ll just have a big turkey dinner complete with mashed potatoes and veggies tonight! Best of both worlds. Still get turkey in November plus get another fun meal next week.

As I hurried off to the store to find a fresh bird it got me thinking about how every year around this time at least a couple of people ask me, “What’s the best way to make a turkey?” They want to know if they should brine it, use a dry rub, how often should they baste it. For whatever reason, people are intimidated by this bird. And I think, make cooking it harder than it needs to be. And really, who needs the extra stress? So unless you are going to deep fry it, don’t freak out about roasting the turkey. I have been using Martha Stewarts simple, simple recipe every year for Thanksgiving since I first found it in her magazine some 16 years ago and it has never failed me. It produces the juiciest turkey with the best crispy skin you’ll ever taste. For a step-by-step tutorial, just click over to this Martha Stewart website page. I promise you will not be disappointed. Just don’t forget to take the giblets out. Oh, and you may want to buy a second bottle of wine to entertain yourself in between all the basting. 

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