“i’m holding on”…buy this! {find of the day}

You followed him on The X Factor last fall. You’ve heard his amazing talent.
Now it’s time to support this local vocalist. Earlier this week, my friend Tiger Budbill released his first single
I’m Holding On. Sample it. Buy it. It is a beautiful song, written by another friend Mark Haynie,
that speaks to
 the many challenges Americans are experiencing. It is a mesmerizing song that I think you’ll like as much as I do.  Can’t wait to see the song’s video which is being produced by friend Cory Bogle. Love that Tiger’s first official release is a collaboration between so many good, creative and amazingly talented people that have been friends for years. Congrats to Tiger and all the guys involved in this project. And for all of you who loved Tiger’s rendition of Billie Jean on the show, you can buy that single also. Enjoy!
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