topography reimagined

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I’ve always been amazed by the incredible beauty of land, especially as observed from high above. There is something magical about how topography and natural wonders transfix into stunning patchworks of art. On the way back from New York I found myself day dreaming…staring out the window. It was a turbulent flight. It didn’t make me uneasy  but I was happy when the pilot came on for one of the last times to tell us we were going to lower our altitude since climbing wasn’t helping. So as I drank enough tea to make sure it wouldn’t slosh on my I remembered to look down. We were nearly home, flying over Montana. To say the snow-covered landscape was stunning would be an understatement. Although I usually have my small point-and-shoot in my purse, for some reason that morning I packed it and my DSLR in my suitcase, and although I’d carried on, decided that ruffling through the week-long case of worn clothes {which included several workout outfits} would not delight my fellow passengers. But what I did have was my blackberry. So out it came {don’t worry – I turned the wireless off} and away I snapped. When I finally was able to download the pictures to my computer I was pleasantly surprised with the images. They turned out great considering they were taken on a phone.     Decided to play with them a little, altering the exposure, contrast and saturation. The images that appear to be black and white, aren’t…they are altered differently. The originals were beautiful but I kind of like the abstract quality of some of these images, too.

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