sites i love {schreifels photo}

Time to share the love…there are so many websites, blogs, tumblr accounts that I look at frequently that I think are great so would like to share them with you!  SCHREIFELS PHOTO is the photography website of my long-time friend Heidi. Now I will tell you I love Heidi and would like anything she put on the web just because she is, well such a rockin’ person. But beyond that, the reason I love her site is because when I started really getting interested in photography she provided me with such inspiration. She has an amazing gift for seeing beauty in the ordinary and looking at something you and I would think is every-day or mundane and realizing it’s actually much, much more. Something to be seen and appreciated. Her photography motivates me to stop and look at things differently and that, my friends, is the mark of a true artist.

What sites do you love? Send them my way. I’d like to see what inspires you! 

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