running + eating for a cause {}

That’s what I’ll be doing this Sunday, April 1st…and it’s no joke. You know my love-hate relationship with running but I will be lacing up my shoes happily this Sunday to support a friend and a good cause.
Too many friends have lost children during or immediately after pregnancy. I can’t begin to imagine the depth of the pain and heartbreak. Each couple has chosen the path to a family that was right for them but what all of my friends have in common is the thing that absolutely amazes me…they have all channeled their personal tragedy into a way to help others by, for example, raising funds for NICUs and establishing grief counseling centers.  This is true of Eat. Run. Hope. Born from loss, the Stowells combined their love for athletics and food and, with the help of their friends in the restaurant industry, established this event to raise money for the Fetal Hope Foundation, which provides support and information, funds research, increases awareness of fetal syndromes. The grace that some people show in times of greatest hardship always floors me. So how can I not show up to support them? 
If you want to join me here’s all you have to do. Click here to register, run, eat…do one, do both, but be there. Feed your culinary desires with offerings from some of Seattle’s best restaurants but more important, feed your soul.  Peace.
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