blood orange prosecco spritz

It’s Monday, sunny and, hold onto your seats, warm in Seattle! You know the last couple of weeks have sucked weather-wise when people get excited about 59 degree weather. Soak it up now because…rain returns tonight. So let’s celebrate the sun now with a quick, easy and refreshing cocktail. Two tablespoons of blood orange sorbet placed in a glass or flute, 1 ½ cups of prosecco and a sprig of thyme. How simple is that? I used a pinot noir glass, which by all accounts most wine industry folks provides the best vessel champagnes and sparkling wines {an Oregon Pinot glass is preferred because it has a more pronounced tulip shape}. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, but then we did the taste test and then did some research. Give it a try. A little champagne in a flute tasted side-by-side in a tulip-shaped glass. I’m betting you’ll find the tulip-shape glass is the best. 

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