the next fifty {seattle’s anniversary gift to the world}

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It has been a spectacular weekend in Seattle. With all of the outdoor activities slated for the past few days, Mother Nature was so kind to us. The city of Seattle has been preparing for something special in 2012 for several years, the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair. The official kick-off for six months of celebration called The Next 50 was yesterday on the Seattle Center grounds. It truly was a wonderful, festive start but perhaps the best thing to come from all of this revelry is the revitalization of the Center, which for so many years now has been deteriorating and, well, looking a little scruffy. Buildings have been revamped, the grounds are beautiful and new installations have blossomed. I hope this area will once again be a magnet for tourism {besides the obvious and perpetual draw of the Space Needle} and a place where people will gather to enjoy culture, arts, and beautiful green space. I’m excited for two upcoming arrivals: the King Tut exhibit starting on May 24th and the opening of the Chihuly Garden + Glass, slated to open toward the end of May. And please visit a great photojournalistic exhibit in the International Fountain Pavilion featuring the work my friend Davis Freeman, Looking Forward: The New Heroes. The photos and videos produced by filmmakers Lindsay Martin and Noah Dassel highlight 12 international young social entrepreneurs, all under the age of 30, who are making significant contributions to the world.  Come to the Center, spend some time, visit the exhibits, walk the grounds, look up, look down. You might find things that have been there for years you’ve never really noticed. Explore the old; wander in amazement at everything new. But make sure you go!

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