hello 2013

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Well, it’s been awhile. 2012 was crazy. Lots of great family life events – marriages, pregnancies, new jobs for people and for us, major home repairs that are continuing into the new year. Trained all summer for the NYC Marathon that was not to be. Hurricane Sandy had other plans but calling the race was the right thing to do so although it was my bucket-list race, I was not really disappointed. Instead, ran the Seattle Marathon with my girlfriends. So in short, I’ve been busy. And perhaps a little lazy which is why it’s been so long since there have been any new posts here. But it’s a new year – time to get back to it. Finally left the blackberry world and got an iPhone. I’m now an all Apple gal and loving it! So in addition to vowing to post more {photos and recipes} I’m bringing back Snap 365 but this time using Instagram. Not all photos are made better with a filter so when one is not used, I’ll mention it. Here are a few of my favorite memories from 2012. Wishing you and your families peace and joy.
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