wrapping frenzy

I am not a born shopper, which I know will surprise a lot of people – but it’s true.  During this time of the year especially, avoiding the mall like the plague is my specialty.  What did we do before on-line shopping?   Love looking for gifts for others but am very happy when it is finished.  What I really enjoy though is wrapping all the presents!  Spending hours being enamored with paper and ribbon at Packaging Specialties has been known to happen…often.  I really should have a frequent buyers card there.  Four years ago, I bought this Elfa Drawer System from the Container Store.  It keeps me extremely organized with everything in its place; all easy to see and access.  Casters make it portable!  Total price for the pieces purchased in the photos below was $191.78, but have gotten great use out of it and will contine to do so.  The don’t have deep dividers for the 2-Runner drawers so improvised with 3-8 c Deep Dish GladWare® containers…works perfectly.  Until we get our dream farm in the country and Farb lets me have an office all to myself where I can have a large designated space for all my wrapping supplies, this cart is my trusted companion!  Mix + match the components and accessories that work best for you, but here are the ones I used.  Although the system needs to be put together, it is simple and fast!  Happy wrapping!

  • White, Narrow 7-Runner Frame
  • White, Narrow 1-Runner Drawer [3]
  • White, Narrow 2-Runner Drawer [2]
  • Drawer Trays [2]
  • Casters 
  • White Melamine Narrow Top
  • White 5 Hook Hangmate Rack
  • GiftWrap Organizer
  • Ribbon Dispenser [2]
  • Backstop pins [2 pks] + In/Out Stops [3 pks]


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1 Response to wrapping frenzy

  1. Amy Gavin says:

    I am going to go and buy that this weekend!!! Thank you Victoria, I love your organized ways 🙂

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