‘classic’ wreath

My very lovely and creative friend SuLee made this wreath recently.  It was so pretty I was inspired to make one too.  I just hope Margaret Mitchell finds it flattering that her classic romance novel Gone with the Wind, one of my favorite books, was used to fill a special place in our home and is not sending down lightening bolts to strike me.
The tutorial for this inexpensive but beautiful wreath can be found at Living with Lindsay.  I used an 18″ wreath form, which required 250 sheets [that includes the 26 that got destroyed when ripping them out of the book]. So for this size you’ll need a book that is at least 500 pages long – front + back.   My edition of Gone with the Wind’s pages measured 8 ½” x 5 ½” and were already discolored, so only needed to add a little bit of paint to the edges.  I rolled the sheets accordian style and pinched in the paper when making the bottom tab [see tutorial].  Three little things:  1]  I attached my ribbon first because of how I wanted it to look and then layered the sheets w/glue and straight pins around it;  2] If you use an old book know that the pages are not as pliable as a newer one…so be gentle;  3] If you have a lazy susan, place the wreath on it.  Makes it easier to work on it without having to handle it too much.
Only took 4 hours to make.  Already had the ribbon remnant, glue sticks [used 15 – was probably heavy-handed!], brown paint and straight pins.  So my only costs were the $5 book from Third Place Books and the $9 styrofoam wreath.  Well actually, I had a Michaels gift card so didn’t pay anything for the latter.  SuLee went to the dollar store and made her beautiful wreath for under $5!  A pretty stylish accessory for very little money. 


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2 Responses to ‘classic’ wreath

  1. Jules says:

    V – Of course I am blown away by your creativity and ability to make this look so professional… And because you know who thinks that I need to get into the holiday spirit, this is a good option for us at some point… Fab-u-lous!

  2. amy says:

    this wreath is gorgeous! I recently saw another one of these – that Kimberly, owner of faded elegance made…I have PLENTY of old books…will need to make one of my own – thanks for the inspiration victoria!

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