the gift of friendship

I used to love the holidays.  The decorating, the deep thought about who to get presents for and what those items should be, the meticulous planning of holiday dinners and parties.  Then a few years ago, I lost my love for the season.  I don’t know if I just got tired or didn’t much care anymore.  The gal known for looking at every single tree at the lot for the perfect one didn’t even bother to put one in the house.But I’m back.  And I can honestly say my relationships are the reason.  I’m not trying to do the holidays to perfection anymore,  but am instead focusing more on celebrating the people in my life.  It’s been a challenging year, for sure.  But one thing that has shown through like a beacon are true friendships.  It has been so great to spend time with people who truly motivate me to be a better person, to celebrate life, to enjoy every laugh and who raise me up when times are difficult. 

Today was a pretty non-discript day.  With two exceptions.  Had breakfast with my wonderful friend Katie who has become like a sister to me.  I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge.  We share a love for so many things: food, design, homekeeping – all things she’s stellar at.  Oh, and when I say food I should explicitly say, beef!  She’s my calm in the storm and helps me wade through both difficult and silly decisions.  We don’t see each other often enough but the time together is so cherished.  This morning she gave me the beautiful 1960s Italian pot de cremes below.  Last year for my 40th she gave me an exquisite tea and saucer set.  Her taste is impeccable but the reason this gift is so special is the reason behind it.  Years ago at her home I admired the pot de cremes in her cabinet. To be honest, I didn’t even know what they were – just that they were delightfully pretty.  She remembered that and thought I would not only enjoy a set but use them!  I will, as I do with the cups + saucers, and will think of her fondly each and every time.  She is kind and thoughtful and I respect her love for family.

This afternoon, I came home to another surprise.  A box from my friend of 24 years, SuLee.  Her felt flower pins made me smile from ear to ear.  As I said earlier, she is creative beyond belief.  But more amazing is that she makes time to be creative.  She is a busy wife, mother to three sweet girls, community volunteer and an avid runner.  There were many years where I rarely saw her.  The miles are really no excuse.  But one of the true blessings in my life has been reconnecting with her several years ago.  I tell her often she inspires me to be a better person…it really is true.  She motivates me to tell people more frequently how important they are in my life, to volunteer at a children’s hospital that holds a special place in her heart, and watch my language.  Yes, this gal with a trucker’s mouth is becoming a little more refined, or at least trying.  I love my new, hand-crafted pins.  Not only because they are beautiful but because she thought of me during the holidays and because she spent her very precious time making them.  But then again, she thinks of me often, as does my friend Katie.  And they take the time to tell or show me.  What gifts could be better than that?

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1 Response to the gift of friendship

  1. SuLee says:

    Katie’s gift is amazing! I LOVE them and like you at one time have absolutely no idea what you would use these for. I would just love to stare at them…all day long. 🙂 Nice photography too!

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