wired pup

I should have known that Murphy’s Law would rear its head last week when all the Christmas prep was finished.  Or maybe the ‘whip cream sneaking’ a few days earlier should have been a clue something was amiss with our pup.  But in a holiday haze, my radar was down.  Returned home Wednesday evening to a red-faced dog…literally.
Apparently, the painted styrofoam berries on a mini wreath meant to adourn a present was too intoxicating for the little guy to resist.  But Riley didn’t stop there. He had also eaten the ribbon, paper, silk leaves and WIRE!  The red dye evidence was all over his face, paws and tongue.  In four years this dog has NEVER – I repeat – NEVER eaten anything in the house.  Shoes, handbags, boxes, recycling, books all rest safely on the floor, never to be bothered.  Who knew a 2″ wreath would prove so enticing?
After a visit to his home-away-from-home, Elliot Bay Animal Hospital, we decided to take a easy approach hoping the situation would resolve itself with the help of a high fiber diet for 36 hours.  Worked like a charm on the styrofoam balls; not so much with the wire. Worried about possible puncture wounds, Riley checked into the VCA Veterinary Specialty Center  in Lynnwood Friday night for an endoscopy.  Waiting to be seen in the ER was difficult because there were quite a few dogs coming in with more critical issues than ours.  The visible concern, worry and unease on the owners’ faces made me so sad.  I want to believe all of them were as lucky as us and are doing much better today. Four hours, four calls from the vet and three x-rays later, Riley was wire free!  I won’t begin to tell you what Thursday thru Monday cost, but I will say I could have probably got three or four pairs of Pradas.  Thank goodness for pet insurance.  If you have a cat or dog and don’t have it…get it!  It is more affordable than you would think.  And it has been a Godsend for us in the last year.

Two lessons: 1] a dog on predisone may seem like his normal self…he’ll surprise you, and 2] there are angels among us that care  for the animals we consider family.  I have never been more thankful for all the professional, talented and compassionate vets in our community.  The docs, nurses and staff at Elliott Bay, Sunset Hill Vet & Rehab, and VCA have provided us with the highest quality care for Riley.  But beyond that, they have paid special attention to our feelings and have shown as much concern for our beloved pup’s health as much as we do.  That, my friends, is priceless.

pre-endoscopy…wire + balls oh my!


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