week in review

Every year, it seems like the second week of June is jam-packed with activities.  I think it’s because schools are getting out, the weather is nice, and it’s kind of the start of racing season.  This year, it was especially busy.  It’s no wonder that I was crashing hard yesterday.  But I rallied to make three parties, including the graduation open house for Emilie, a wonderful young lady I’ve known since the day she was born.  To tell you that she has grown into a remarkable person would be a huge understatement.  She is incredibly smart, driven and just a stellar human being.  It’s been fun to hear about all of her Robotics activities and how she has excelled at them.  She’ll be going to the Illinois Institute of Technology in the fall on scholarships and grants.  Yes, folks, she is that talented!  What I love most about Em is that she has an incredibly kind heart, cares so deeply for her friends and family, and follows her passions.  Knock ’em dead, Emilie.  I know there are many, many wonderful things in store for you.

Here’s a peak at last week:

I was so thrilled to be able to see Italian glass blower Maestro Lino Tagliapietra at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, where he was completing a week-long visiting artist program.  His work is stunningly beautiful and so vibrant, Dale Chihuly refers to him as “perhaps the world’s greatest living glassblower.”  I especially love his pieces where the glass canes are well defined and swirled into soft, fluid patterns.  Each year, Tagliapietra generously donates a work of art to the JDRF Seattle Guild Gala.  And each year, his glass piece is one of the highest selling live auction items.  We are so lucky to receive his gifts.  If you look at the picture above closely, you’ll see a multi-colored glass case with the scissors. That’s right…his safety glasses are Missoni.  Pure Italian style!  Can’t wait to see what piece, blown this week, will become part of the Museum’s permanent collection.  

Boxed for the first time with my trainer Jody. Punched that bag so hard my shoulders hurt for days.  But I loved it.  I am now the proud owner of my very own pair of boxing gloves. Bring it!

Ran Race for the Cure on Sunday, skipped Sound to Narrows on Saturday.  Yep.  Missed another race…that makes three this year.  Nearly broke my big toe two weekends ago.  Told you. I’m clumsy.  Monday’s visit to Virginia Mason’s Sports Clinic {where sadly, the x-ray tech now knows me by name} discovered no breaks or tears, just a serious case of turf toe. Turf toe?  Sounds horrid.  It is.  But I am bound and determined to run the Rock and Roll Half at the end of the month! It is going to be one sad, ugly race but someone’s promised me champagne at the end, so of course I’m running!

Celebrated my dad’s birthday with dinner at Tavolata, for another Sunday Feast.  This time it was prime rib.  So good.  If you can, you should really try to get to one of their monthly Sunday dinners.  They’re really great and you will leave full, satisfied and definitely, not disappointed. Personally, I’m looking forward to September’s suckling pig!

Introduced some people last night to my version of the Manhattan.  You know you’re at a good party when the hosts’ bar has Woodford Reserve and Antica Formula!
Saw many, many special friends this week for dinner, parties, special celebrations and coffee.  Blessed to have such great people in my life.
Cried so hard it hurt; laughed so hard I snorted.

And throughout the week, was reminded that good and love ALWAYS triumphs over evil.  

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  1. I don’t know how you have the energy to do all that you do, but I LOVE IT! What a fantastic week. You are surrounded by truly amazing people (like attracts like!) Thanks for sharing and I hope your toe heals fast. xo

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