pho viet anh {find of the day}

My new favorite place for Vietnamese Pho! After hearing my friend Greg rave about Pho Viet Anh,
a tiny restaurant in lower Queen Anne I had to check it out…three times, just to make sure the first wasn’t a fluke.
  If you are looking for great authentic pho, run – don’t walk to this place. It is that good. I always order chicken, only because the beef in pho is usually too fatty for me {and I’m talking talking about when you specifically order fatty steak} and is always a little too rare, if cooked at all. But after reading a bunch of reviews, took the plunge and ordered the beef brisket with hot and spicy beef broth. So yummy. If you are taking out, be warned…the to-go size is enough for three people. Seriously! There was so much lean, thinly sliced brisket I could not fit it in the ginormous bowl I normally use for pho and in fact, had the soup for lunch and dinner and still could not finish it all. And they don’t skimp on the basil, peppers, onions and cilantro. I’ve also had the chicken pho – same thing, huge amount of food with lovely lean cuts of chicken breast. You can order extra meat for your soup but unless you haven’t eaten for four days, you don’t need to. If you are eating in the restaurant, order the small…trust me! I also tried some of their grilled meat rice dishes. They are good too but please do me a favor, go straight for the pho. 
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